Friday, January 3, 2014

New Ministries

We wish to take an opportunity to ask for prayers for our new ministries.

Rev. Paul Wong is beginning mission work in Taiwan.  Rev. Wong will work with drug addicts and homeless.

Bishop Daniel Rea and his wife, Deacon Itsuko Rea, will found the Christian Church of Japan.  They will be based out of Nagoya, Japan.  This is the first branch of the Congregational Episcopal Church since our founding, and we wish both the Bishop and Deacon the very best in their mission work.  The Christian Church of Japan will be an autonomous, national Church for Japan.  Their charter and Book of Common Prayer were approved January 1 by the USA Synod.

Deacon James Mutombo returns to Zimbawe to minister to his country men after receiving his nursing degree from UCLA.  He shall work along side Anglican missionaries.

For all of these ministries we thank the Lord for sending laborers to the vineyard.  We ask that you keep them in your prayers.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Message

From Synod President
Bishop Peter Morimoto

It is not the case that Christians are at risk of their lives or liberties in this country simply for being Christians. Whenever you hear overheated language about this, remember those many, many places where persecution is real and Christians are being killed regularly and mercilessly or imprisoned and harassed for their resistance to injustice. Remember our brothers and sisters in Nigeria and in Iraq, the Catholic communities of southern Sudan fearing the outbreak of another civil war, the Christian minorities in the Holy Land facing the extinction of their two-thousand year old presence there; or our own Anglican and Catholic friends in Zimbabwe, subject to routine attack from the security forces and locked out of their churches. That's not our situation, thank God, and we need to keep a sense of perspective, and to redouble our prayers and concrete support. 

As we begin 2014, let us see through the lens of the scriptures the reality we are blessed to live in here in the USA.  May we become honest about the blessings we have as Christians.  Let us also begin real support for those ministries and those missionaries who leaving home, family, and nation are serving the Lord and doing His work.

May 2014 bring all joy and peace to all.