Thursday, August 14, 2014

US Synod Supports Scottish Independence

In support of our Reformed Presbyterian brethren in Scotland the US Synod of the Puritan Church in America supports a vote in favor of Scottish Independence at the Referendum on Scottish Independence on 18 September this year.

It is very clear that the British government has drifted too far from the teachings of Christ.  The Anglican Church openly marries homosexuals, ordains homosexuals, and has now consecrated homosexuals as bishops.  This heresy has shown that the Anglican Church is far more concerned with political points than with teaching the gospels of Christ.

The British government has cut in half support for families with children, including day care benefits for working families.  While London says it because of funding shortages the defence budget has increased five fold over the last decade.  This year the defence budget stands at $60 billion.  This simply shows London is more concerned with funding a war machine where there is no threat rather than helping British families in need.

The British government simply is not leading with justice but rather is committing all of Britain to increased poverty and over whelming debt.  The people of Britain deserve better and deserve a government that leads by Christian principles and morals.

For these reasons the Puritan Church in America supports our Reformed Presbyterian Church brethren in their endeavor for a free and independent Scotland.