Friday, March 14, 2014

Directory 2014-2015

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Many of our churches are home churches, some meet in hotels or the congregation has had a building constructed. Some are very old churches.  There is no "typical" Puritan congregation.  Some have split from their denominations for various reasons and come to our call to be autonomous fellowships.  

A few simply wish to share unity with Puritans as a fellowship of believers where we welcome them and they welcome us.  All share the Puritan desire to give glory to God in all we do.


Plymouth Presbytery (yellow)
Bishop Rev. James Hill

Houston Presbytery (striped)
Bishop Rev. Paul Duff 

San Francisco Presbytery (maroon)
Bishop Rev. Peter Morimoto

Churches in full communion

Free Reformed Churches of North America

Reformed Presbyterian Church General Assembly

Reformed Presbyterian Church North America

Church of Christ (Free Churches)

Traditional Church of Christ

Outside USA Puritan Church Missions and Churches
Bishop Daniel J. Rea
Nagoya, Japan

Hong Kong Puritan Mission
Pastor Paul Wong
Hong Kong, China

Puritan Church of Taiwan
Bishop Michael Zhou
Taipei, Taiwan

Rev. Peter Masters
London, UK

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